Living Magazine Smile Booth for Exquisite Weddings!

This is one of my favorite things we’ve done, a live version of the current issue of Exquisite Weddings for their launch party. I dreamed it up during a sleepless night in Los Angeles. It began as a smile booth with flowers in between the frames that party goers would stick their head through. Then it became the backdrop of The Scream, where people would pose with their hands on their cheeks. But I realized it could be so much more unique and interactive than that. What we ultimately created was a living, breathing version of the current issue of the issue which party goers could pose in front of like the two on the cover, complete with props like a bouquet and boutonniere like the couple on the cover had.

Decked by the unique stationary lettering and credit sign of Bamboo Star and shot by the amazing Sharon De La O (her pics will be up soon), this station was an absolute hit!

Special thanks to our amazing team as well as the one at Exquisite Weddings and the Westin Gaslamp.

Look for the Best Pic contest soon to be going on Exquisite Wedding’s blog!!

Our living version of the magazine, acting as a smile booth at the launch party!

Close up.

Bouquet as prop like on the cover.

Barcode credit sign! Made by Bamboo Star!

Lush detail.

A side by side.

The actual model from the cover! Shot by Sharon De La O Photography.