From One Sharon to Another

When our Sharon met this one, they had an instant connection, having the same uncommon name helped :). So when our bride Sharon wanted us to create a sparkly and crisp modern wedding at Andaz, we of course leaped at the chance. With the help of the ever so talented Naomi Goodman of At First Blush, this dazzling wedding was sure to be a hit. Enjoy a little rooftop charm as we make our way through this fun wedding!

Sharon’s heaven scented bridal bouquet.

Sharon’s sparkly centerpieces awaiting their tables, the ceremonial area became reception during the cocktail hour.

A simply decked canopy overlooking the San Diego skyline.

A rather long aisle.

At an angle.

Detail shot, hello El Cortez!

Centerpieces and a glimpse of designer Kaitlyn in the background!

Head table with an out of this world view!