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At Your Service

We just wanted to send out a big congratulations to all the newly engaged couples out there! We are ready to design the wedding of your dreams, armed with the newest and hippest (mainly because she requires one to be upright) designer in the industry.


Estancia Photo Shoot

Last week we had the distinct privilege of decorating some table tops for an in house photo shoot at one of San Diego’s top Venues, Estancia in La Jolla. Aided by their amazing team (specifically Erica, Melissa and Erica), we were able to create different looks for sought after rooms. Make sure to note the beautiful linens brought in by Irene at A Perfect Table!

The Library


Full shot the library centerpiece featuring pillar candles on holders, earth balls, amber votives, succulents, moss, flowers and weaving phalaenopsis orchids.


Detail shot of the library


Detail shot of the library

Magnolia Ballroom


A Magnolia Room low centerpiece featuring dahlias, kale, roses, succulents, amaranthus and hydrangea.


A Magnolia Room tall centerpiece sitting upon custom painted trumpet vases.

Garden Suite


The Garden Suite table top, a vignette featuring phalaenopsis orchids, tulips, roses, sunflowers and mokara orchids along with amber votive candles.

Adobe Restaurant


The Adobe Restaurant table top featuring our copper lanterns, phalaenopsis orchids, roses, spider mums, mokara orchids, dahlias, hydrangea, kale, earth balls and amber votives.


Detail shot of the restaurant

Gold, Plum and Green

One of our last weddings of the season, this beautiful Temecula Creek Inn wedding was a pleasure to be a part of. What a wonderful family, we absolutely loved our bride and her parents. Here are the pictures I took of some of the details of the night. Check out the cake, I’m like a cake maker’s worst nightmare. Thank you so much for letting us partake!


Golden dripping flowers


The prettiest little flower girl, Morel


Simple but colorful glass centerpieces


Rustic branch centerpieces


The Stone House’s mantel


A wild branch cake


The money shot, orchids on chocolate

Thanksgiving OE Style

Here’s a fall wreath far from the traditional style. This fun piece was just picked up by one of our favorite new clients. It features tiger pumpkins, banana variegated gourds, pin cushion protea, brezillia, moss, orange slices and dupioni silk ribbons upon a grapevine wreath. Contact us for additional tips as to how to make your Thanksgiving visions come to life!



Dining Details Open House

Well check them out! Dining Details has a fantastic new home for it and its baby, Chickpeas. The food, of course, was outstanding from sweet potato tarts to mini french toast pies! We were stoked to have the opportunity to deck their tasting table with some funky chasing callas. All our best! – Team OE


Practicing What We Preach

Well, in San Diego you mostly have two choices. 1) waste water on a strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street or 2) stare at dead grass between the sidewalk and the street. We decided to go for option 3) none of the above. We decided it’s time to practice what we preach.


After the grass was dug out, this is the first stage of the drip irrigation system.


If you look closely you can see the embedded drip irrigation hose.


Here is how the drip hose connects to the regular hose when it’s time to water.


Then we planted succulent ground coverage. Any variety of succulent ground coverage will do though ice plant and sedum are the most popular. Remember to give them room to grow. Though they’ll need more water to grow as they adjust to their new environment, remember that they need to be trained to grow their roots down to the ground water so don’t over do it.


Finally, the slate is broken up and scattered while in tact slate tiles are placed in a row for each car’s passenger to enter and exit the car safely. Remember that in order to break the slate you need to hold up one side, angled down, and hammer it from the back.

So how cool is this?? Sharon gets an email asking us to submit a “Green Gift” for a morning segment on Fox 5. So, of course, we submit one of our in house creations, The Succulent Bowl Bouquet. As you may know, this is a bouquet made inside of a live succulent which can be planted after the wedding to grow along side the marriage. Special thanks to Elle Events for getting us on the air!

Anothe one of our succulent bowls.

Another one of our succulent bowls.

Photo by Susie Linquist

Exquisite Weddings Launch Party

This is the tabletop we did with Bliss Events for the Exquisite Weddings Fall Launch Party. The florals drip from the custom painted globes down to the table, mimicking the table runner pattern. The entire table is designed of mostly button mums with some carnations which makes it very dotted with lots of  “inserts”. Thank you so much to everyone that came out and a special thanks to Team Bliss, Rachel at Rock Paper Scissors, A Perfect Table, Studio Carre and Plush Lounge!


Our table top with Bliss Events


Details of the drip


Place cards and menus by Rock Paper Scissors