Practicing What We Preach

Well, in San Diego you mostly have two choices. 1) waste water on a strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street or 2) stare at dead grass between the sidewalk and the street. We decided to go for option 3) none of the above. We decided it’s time to practice what we preach.


After the grass was dug out, this is the first stage of the drip irrigation system.


If you look closely you can see the embedded drip irrigation hose.


Here is how the drip hose connects to the regular hose when it’s time to water.


Then we planted succulent ground coverage. Any variety of succulent ground coverage will do though ice plant and sedum are the most popular. Remember to give them room to grow. Though they’ll need more water to grow as they adjust to their new environment, remember that they need to be trained to grow their roots down to the ground water so don’t over do it.


Finally, the slate is broken up and scattered while in tact slate tiles are placed in a row for each car’s passenger to enter and exit the car safely. Remember that in order to break the slate you need to hold up one side, angled down, and hammer it from the back.

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