Art Alive 2013!

Just about every year since 2002, Sharon, if not the whole team, has participated in Art Alive. In 2007 we were even commissioned to do the entire two level rotunda decor! This year, as a lead designer, she had the great fortune of reinterpreting the Dali of San Diego Museum of Art, Spectre (or Ghost) of the Evening. Here you’ll find some details and explanations as well as some interviews by local media.

First media appearance on Fox 5.

Next was UT TV.

And here is a very pregnant and very exhausted  Sharon (this ran at 6am after a week’s long media blitz) interviewed by Brad Perry of KUSI.

The overall piece and painting.

The air conditioning duct centerpiece holder used to reference the abrupt end of public works projects in Spain at the time of the painting’s creation.

The copper calla lilies representing industrial debris.

Rocks and ghosts represented by cleavland sage, skeleton leaves and air plants.

A variety of grains representing a barren landscape in Spain primarily used for cereal production.

One last overall.