Organic Innovations

Through the years, now seven of them, our team has executed some remarkably innovative ideas… some for weddings and some just for fun. They’ve often begun as show pieces on display at a special event until they were ordered by one of our many adventures brides, then they become one of our signature floral creations.

We thought it would be fun to travel down creation lane to give some fun back stories on how some of our most popular signature pieces came to be.

The Succulent Bowl and Succulent Bowl Bouquet

The succulent bowl and the succulent bowl bouquet are amongst our most popular in house creations. Noted for both their unique look and green esteem, both have been enjoyed by many of our clients. They came to be based on a very simple act, Sharon walking by the aeonium plants daily, at some point thinking “those look like little bowls”. Brides particularly enjoy the fact that they can carry the stem of the succulent as they walk down the aisle which they will later plant, allowing them to keep their bouquet forever and watch it grow.

Even reporters on all things green wrote a story on the succulent bowl bouquet when it first appeared in 2006 as seen here on California Green Solutions.

Here is the very first ever succulent bowl created as advertisement for Sally’s desk at The Prado in 2006.

Here is the first succulent bouquet ever ordered by a bride, Stacey, shot by Susie Linquest.

Many more were soon to come, here are some of them.

This was a fun display from a bridal show in 2007, you can see the succulent bowl in the bottom right and another signature creation, our stacked vases, to the top left.

The succulent bowl bouquet created for The Knot Party ’08 shot by Resolusean.

Succulent Bowls elevated upon pillar candle holders for a 2008 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Shoot.

Here is one ordered by bride Kayd, shot by Resolusean.

This one of my favorites, ordered by Christine this summer.

The Ring Bearer Pomander

A floral ball which appears to be a common pomander or kissing ball until it opens, revealing the wedding bands hidden within it.

This was a fun creation, forged with purpose of allowing brides to have both a flower girl and ring bearer in one. Here it is first featured in 2008 as part of a company bridal display.

This fun example of a ring bearer pomander was shot by Suzanne of SheWanders back in 2008.

Stacked Vases

Stacked vases have become just as popular of a signature in house creation as the succulent bowl. Though we had experimented with the concept early on, the first stacked vase table top was created for our bio page in 2007 when we designed the rotunda decor for Art Alive.

The table produced for the Organic Elements Bio in the Art Alive ’07 Brochure

Stacked vases featured in upper rotunda during Art Alive ’07

Stacked Vases on display at an Exquisite Weddings Launch Party in ’10

Stacked Vases produced for a fun Prado corporate event.

Stacked Vases at a recent wedding.

Tilted Manzanitas

Our tilted manzanitas have been quite popular when a couple or event really needs to make a large central statement. They’ve been both popular as simply floral arrangements, as well as utilized structures for additional purpose.

Our first tilted manzanitas, produced for Estancia’s table at American Liver Foundation and shot by SheWanders.

Tilted manzanitas used as a wish tree.

Orbs awaiting wish cards.

Statement piece for an escort card table.

Test tubes added in reference to the groom’s scientific profession.

Metal Table Top

Made with actual sheet metal, this is our most “industrial” in house creation. Each table consists of towers and moats which we vary to create a custom design for each of these table tops.

Our first Metal Table Top, captured by Aquario Studio, was for Exquisite Wedding’s fall 2010 Launch Part.

Metal Table Top created for Estancia’s hosting of Engage! ’11

These have been so fun to imagine, create and capture through the years, we just can’t wait to see what will be our next Organic Innovation. We hope you’ve enjoyed a little down creation lane, stay tuned for more stops along the way!