Our New Outdoor Store Window

We’re so excited to present to you our new store window! These outdoor installations are what we have adopted as our living, breathing store window display. This representation of “Outdoor Living” encompasses everything from draught tollerent and native plants to a vintage laundry facility to a getting ready area to a place to “brunch”. Soon to be installed are framed lariat terrariums from the macadamia nut tree. As the largest installation of it’s class, this has become our feature presentation in the “Life After People” design series.



A place to get ready.

Mason jars taken over by succulents.

Mirror details.

Living section.

Along with a Tiffany Trunk.

Time for brunch.

A place to rest your feet.

… and take it in

…set near our locks and tools

Laundry basin and washboard.

Clipped on succulents.

Succulents overflow.

One last look.

No room for milk.

But a place I’d call home.