Art Alive… The Wedding!

So by now, if you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know that Sharon was on a few news casts for her piece and Legacy Designer status for Art Alive. Even more excited was the wedding we were selected to do for a museum VIP taking place in the museum during Art Alive! Here are some pics of both Sharon’s piece as well as the fun wedding that took place this weekend with Yelena of The Stylish Soiree, Cake and Giuseppe’s. Enjoy!

Sharon’s Art Alive Piece

Sharon being interviewed by Rubin Galvan.

A simple bride’s maid’s bouquet.

Simple decor amongst beautiful Art Alive Decor.

The overall scene.

Simple vignettes.

Submerged and floating elements.

A mound of florals above swirling tulips.

Another view.

Station florals for Giuseppe’s.

Our new mercury votives.

A STUNNING cake by Cake!