Sketching the Scene

This is a blog entry I’ve been excited about doing for a while. Before all big tables I almost always put together a sketch to properly describe the table to a coordinator, the client and/or the designers that will be work be working to produce it. I thought it would be fun to show these sketches along with the final outcome to show what has become of these sketches. I hope to show more of these as future table images are able to be release. And I pinky swear that none of the sketches have been touched since the florals were produced.



American Liver Foundation ’08

This was one potential version

This is the sketch we ultimately used.

The actual table, shot by Melissa Mullen

American Liver Foundation ’09

Overall table.

Detail of glowing flowers.

Windowed plate, charger and napkin set.

Overall table with upward angle to see the butterflies and flowers.

Close up of the charger, napkin and window plate.

Exquisite Weddings Launch Party ’10

American Liver Foundation ’10

Photo by SheWanders