Bachelor No More!

Earlier we did a story on Sharon’s old roommates and how many of them have now been married, surrounded by flowers from the company they helped get its start. Here’s another one.

Mike, or Mikey as she still calls him, met his now wife, Katie, before he even came to UCSD back in 2002. They were dating then from a distance when he came to San Diego and she remained in Los Angeles. After college he returned to Los Angeles at which point they finally got to take the “long distance” out of their “long distance relationship”. Last month, on 10.10.10, they sealed the deal. Sharon got the call, it was time.

Thrilled to be a part of this wedding that was now starting it’s planning phase Sharon of course agreed that the company would happily travel to Santa Monica, CA to decorate this amazing day. And they did, as they often do, deliver this precious cargo hours away to where it was needed.

Here are some special shots captured by John Partridge Photography of the happy couple that finally got their day.