Exquisite Weddings Launch Party

A few nights ago we had the amazing opportunity to strut our stuff at the Exquisite Weddings Launch Party with a fun new table top as part of the DRI line. It makes the cut because of it’s use of local product, recyclable containers and minimal water use. The design is a floral expression of the works of Frank Gehry who is, without a doubt, Sharon’s favorite architect having now studied three of his buildings in three different countries (Disney Concert Hall, Guggenheim in Bilbao and Dancing House in Prague).

Special thanks to everyone at Exquisite for the opportunity to “shine” and to our other shining vendors, Concepts, Rock Paper Scissors and Kool.

Our design, “Petal to the Metal” is an homage to his amazing art. We wanted to create a version of his twisted metal that perhaps would gush with flowers, here is the result. Watch as the flowers pour like water and spray in droplets. This table will be in an upcoming blog in which we will display a series of table tops as both their story board sketches as well as the ultimate results.

You can see the overall table here, swirls and drops represented in various elements of the overall table.

Rock Paper Scissors did an amazing job on the place cards.

Chargers and napkins by Concepts Event Design.

Table and Chairs provided by Kool.