OE insider tidbit

OK, here’s another funny insight for you. Did you know that Organic Elements started in University City? OK, that’s not that interesting until you learn that the location in University City was a one car garage in a house that Sharon shared with three housemates at a time which were kind enough to lend her the space. With a small air conditioning unit and a very claustrophobic design station, Sharon and her assistant produced the first year of the company’s designs in what is now referred to as “the hallway”.

Fortunately a whole lot has changed since then, the company’s employees now have far more space to produce the larger volume of work that moves out of its doors daily but it’s always fun to remember where it all began. An even more endearing side note to this story is that three of the house mates that were so kind to Sharon early in the company’s career have since been married, surrounded by flowers from the company that they helped get its start.

Kelly’s wedding in 2005