OK, here’s another OE insider tidbit…

Did you know?

We often refer to Olivia as head of Human Resources, but that wasn’t always the case.

Willoughby used to be head of Human Resources. If you had a problem, you’d go to him. Does it look like there’s any problem he can’t solve? Sadly we lost Willoughby in April of this year after nearly 14 wonderful years together.

So there was now a vacuum of leadership.

Enter Olivia.

Does it look like there’s anything this cutie can’t handle? Surely she could fill the position of Human Resources. And, as it happened, she did. Today Olivia, with all of her 11 months of life experience, has become head of Human Resources. Easy to relate to, always entertaining and very flexible (literally)- she has become just the energy this team needed to go out there and be a success.

Go team O!