Another Design for the DRI Line

Succulent and moss stackings with manzanita accents, our newest design submitted to DRI by Organic Elements. This design takes absolutely no water to produce.

More about DRI

As a company, we understand that buying organic and reducing chemical usage is important, however here in California we have even higher priorities.

Due to fires, droughts and various other conditions, California has a water shortage. Though you can rest assured that we don’t waste a drop, there is now a way to conserve even more through your design choices. DRI by Organic Elements, is our line of contemporary designs which use little to no water to produce.

You, the designer, will be able to choose among a dozen new designs in the DRI line. You can choose them all, you can choose none, but at least a choice exists. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding Organic Elements DRI.