Buying Smart this Valentine’s Day

What is it about Valentine’s Day that makes flowers just so expensive? Is it the growers, the wholesalers or the retailers? Well, usually all three get a little more money for their product than they usually would. Why is this and when did it begin?

It’s important to note that the United States currently purchases over half of the world’s red roses, Valentine’s Day or not. Well, it was only a matter of time till the growers took note of this.

In the early 90’s, growers began to raise prices on red roses during the holiday. This, in turn, caused the same percentage of profit that the wholesalers and retailers take to equate to a larger sum. Once shoppers started to move away from red roses, growers and wholesalers began to raise prices on other flowers.

Soon the price of pink roses was raised, followed by tulips in these colors. Today the cost of anything red, white or pink has gone up significantly. Furthermore, roses are often cut too soon or too late in order to yield the highest profit possible during this prime time.

Some florists, us included, don’t take any more of a profit during this time however the increased wholesale costs are still a factor in the overall price of the finished product.

What can the consumer do? Rethink the red and white.

Think plum and green, or yellow and orange. Why not go with the best of the season beautiful for what it is, not what we’ve decided it symbolizes.

The smartest way to shop? Find a floral professional who’s style you love and let them hand pick the best items on the market. Simply tell them you want the arrangement to be “designer’s choice” allowing them the freedom to create a fresh combination just for you.

Just remember: think local, think seasonal, think different.