Custom Thinking: How’s Your Handle?

Something old decorating something new? It’s fantastic to add a little personality to your bouquet’s handle. Like the dress matches your style, so should your bouquet. From Swarovski crystals to vintage buttons and everywhere in between,  it’s important for all accessories to match the woman of the hour. Here are some examples of various ways to finish off that custom accessory.


Pink on pink taffeta french twist with pearl studding


Ivory on champagne french twist in satin, pearl studding


Burgundy on coral french twist, button studding


Chocolate underlay and damask overlay corset wrap, live succulent buttons

Florals by Organic Elements, Photo by Fresh Edge Photography (1)

White overlay, black underlay corset wrap with black studs


Pink underlay, green overlay corset wrap wtih vintage buttons


Pink dupioni wrap with central ribbon and custom wax seal

Florals and Photograpy by Organic Elements

Gray damask wrap with quarter button shoelace bind

Florist and Image by Organic Elementsjj

Client’s antique broach attached


Gray damask with central ribbon and vintage button accent